PHP Functions Essential Reference, IIe

PHP Functions Essential Reference, IIe
Album cover of "Love This Time" by The Buttless Chaps

George, Torben and I have started gearing up for the second edition of the PHP Functions Essential Reference. Everyone seems quite excited to be working on the project. Torben and I are eager to apply what we learned from the first edition to the second edition. We are also glad to have George joining us. In addition to have rock solid technical skills, George just brings a nice vibe to projects that he works on. Now all we have to do is find time to work on the project. Torben has been touring a lot lately with his band, George has a business to run and I have been pretty swamped with MySQL stuff.

2024 Postscript

This project never came to be.

Lars Torben Wilson's band, The Buttless Chaps, released an album in 2003: Love This Time in 2003 and then another few albums before breaking up in 2009.

George Schlossnagle went on to write Advanced PHP Programming in 2004, which was an excellent book that I had the pleasure of reviewing. George sent me a waffle iron as a thank you, which I used so vigorously that it retired itself after about three years of service.