Foo Camp 2004: What is Thought?

Notes from Eric Baum's "What is Thought" session at Foo Camp 24.

Foo Camp 2004: What is Thought?

Just waiting for author Eric Baum's What is Thought session to start. The session will focus (or so I think) on Eric's book of the same name.


This is a tough session to blog! The essential bits are that the mind is a set of modules that each are able to effectively recognize a particular concept or thing - these modules interact to solve a much larger set of problems than they could individually.

Dave Hunt wondered if there could be a language that allows more direct communication between modules. I suggest that a third-party arbitrator (like the Perl interpreter) enables humans to communicate in a fashion that is more like Dave's wonderings. Larry Wall says this will become abstruse. This is abstruse and I retreat. :)

Keywords: Searles, Dreyfus, Chalmers, Occam's Razor
Formal views of Occam's Razor: Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimension, Minimum Description Length, Bayesian Probability